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What are your sustainability practices?

In collaboration with our partner, we share an unwavering commitment to being a force of good. With whole-hearted accountability, we are committed to holistically delivering on our social, economic and environmental ethics. Our framework for addressi

What do you mean by 'Natural Fibres'?

Natural fibres refer to fibres that are derived from plants or animals. These fibres are considered "natural" because they are not chemically synthesized. They offer various advantages, including durability and a lower impact on the planet compared t

What is AirRobe?

AirRobe makes reselling, renting or recycling your wardrobe easy. When shopping with us, simply ‘Add to AirRobe ’in one click to repurpose later. This will save your purchased items to your own AirRobe Circular Wardrobe, so once you’ve worn and loved

What is special about your packaging?

The majority of plastic waste doesn’t get reused or recycled. We at Nomad The Label have a no-plastics policy, and our packaging is entirely environmentally friendly. To bring your beautiful garments to your door, we use eco-friendly mailers, made fr