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What do you mean by 'Natural Fibres'?Updated 4 months ago

Natural fibres refer to fibres that are derived from plants or animals. These fibres are considered "natural" because they are not chemically synthesized. They offer various advantages, including durability and a lower impact on the planet compared to synthetic fibres.

Our natural fibres include cotton, ramie, hemp, bast, linen, and man-made. Cotton is one of the most commonly used natural fibres and is known for its softness and breathability. Ramie and hemp fibres are also durable and have been used for centuries in making textiles. Bast fibres, such as jute and flax, are sourced from the inner bark of plants and are known for their strength and versatility. Linen, made from flax fibres, is highly valued for its natural lustre and moisture-wicking properties.

Where we do use man-made celluloses (viscose, Tencel, rayon, modal), we use Lenzing certified. If we choose to use it, it is often because we are needing a softness to the fabric. We add it into the fibre blend at the start, saving the fabric or garment from needing to be washed down the track to achieve softness.

Please check out our Sustainability page for more information.

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