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Garment Care

How do I wash my items?

Our products are crafted from comfortable, breathable, and lightweight fabrics. To ensure their longevity, we recommend following these care instructions:. Cold hand wash your items. Avoid dry cleaning them. When drying, do so in the shade. By adheri

How do I find out the fabric composition of a product?

If you'd like to see the composition of any of our products, you'll find it under the Product Description tab on the product page. The fabric composition can also be located on the packaging, as well as on the care label. For more information, please

How to prevent shrinking and stretching

To avoid shrinkage and stretching, please lay flat to dry. If you can't air dry clothes, use a low heat setting on the dryer remove the clothes while slightly damp and allow them to finish air drying. Excessive heat is hard on fabrics.